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Atlantic Spadefish ( Chaetodipterus faber )

Spadefish are commonly found in shallow waters off the coast of the southeastern United States and in the Caribbean. The Atlantic spadefish has a very deep, compressed, disk-shaped body and a blunt snout. The second dorsal and anal fins of adults have long, trailing anterior lobes, giving an "angelfish-like" appearance. The body is silver in color with irregular black vertical bands that fade gradually with age. The mouth is small, with the maxilla of adults ending beneath the nostrils. Specimens commonly weigh from three to ten pounds, although individuals as large as twenty pounds have been recorded.

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Atlantic Spadefish Fishing - spadefish art
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Due to their reputation as strong fighters, they are popular game fish, especially during the summer months when they are most active. Spadefish feed mainly on crustaceans and small invertebrates but their favored meal is jellyfish.


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