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Longnose Gar, Gator Gar ( Lepisosteus osseus )

Gar are members of the Lepisosteus family of ray-finned fish. There are seven species of Gar that inhabit nearly all types of waters of eastern North America, Central America, and the Caribbean islands. Gars are considered to be a remnant of a group of rather primitive bony fish that flourished in the Mesozoic, and are most closely related to the bowfin, another archaic fish now found only in North America.

Gar are characterized by their elongated bodies with fins close to the tail and a long beak or nose filled with many sharp teeth. Anglers usually don't target these fish with the expception being bow-hunting for giant Alligator Gar.

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Longnose Gar Fishing - Gar art
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