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Pacific Moonfish ( Selene peruviana )

The Moonfish, is a member of the Carangidae or Jack family, close in appearance to the Lookdown. Moonfish are not a commonly found fish anywhere in the world but they do live in small schools. They live in a variety of locations from sandy or rocky shorlines up to a depth of over 150 feet. They have a thin body like a Pompano and are delicious fresh but are most commonly found salted or dried. Anglers occasionally catch them while targeting other species.

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Moonfish Fishing - moonfish art
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I caught the 12" Pacific Moonfish used for these rubbings while night fishing on the Cuervo with Pat Irwin around the pinacle in Herradura Bay, Costa Rica. We were catching Rainbow Runners and Blue Runners to use for bait the next day offshore. To make things fun we were using ultralight spinning gear and fresh shrimp for bait. If I'd thought this fish was as rare a light tackle as it is I would have taken some pictures. It was strange enough that I kept it to make a rubbing.


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