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Snook / Robalo ( Centropomus nigrescens / Centropomus undecimalis )

Snook are one of the most popular warm water inshore gamefish throughout the Americas. They can be found from central Florida south, usually inshore in coastal and brackish waters, along mangrove shorelines, seawalls, and bridges; also on reefs and pilings near shore. Their average size is 5 to 10 lb. but they can reach 50 lb. The all tackle record Snook was caught in 1991 by George Beck in Costa Rica; it was 57 pounds.

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There are four species of snook and most of them spawn in summer or dry season. They cannot tolerate water temperatures below 60F degrees but can live in either fresh or saltwater. Snook spend some parts of the season solitary but then school along shore and in passes during spawning season. These aggressive fish feed on smaller fish and large crustaceans. Each of the species can be easily identified by their lateral black line. They are excellent table fare; a sought after game fish and tricky to catch. Photos : Brett Swindell - 30" Black Snook, Hermosa (top left) Dan Gibson - 45 pound Black Snook, Hermosa (top right) Photos below from Ralph Solano of Costa Rica Wild Fishing in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


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