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How can I get my trophy fish printed?

If you would like me to do a Gyotaku fish rubbing (print) from a fish you catch there are a few ways you can help make sure the prints will come out as good as possible. Fresh fish are best for printing but I can print fish that have been frozen or kept on ice as well. If you are out fishing and can't ice your catch it's best to keep it moist by wrapping it in a shirt or cloth towell. Paper towells and newspaper will wick moisture from the fish so don't use them, a plastic bag is better than paper. Try to fold down dorsal fins if they are fragile to prevent them from bending or breaking off.

If you would like to eat your fish some additional prepping needs to be done UNLESS you can get me the fish within a few hours minimum. There are a couple ways to gut or bleed a fish so it can still be rubbed. DO NOT CUT DOWN THE CENTER OF THE GUT CAVITY! Determine which side of the fish is in better condition - which means scales and fins are intact and less damage from the hooks or gaff. Make a cut from along one lower side of the fish from the lower rear of the gills toward the anus to remove guts. This will ensure that I have the best whole side of the fish to print. Many people prefer to remove the red part of the gills with pliars to bleed the fish shortly after it's caught, then placing the fish on ice. This helps prevent the meat from spoiling without cutting open the fish. The ink I use is water based and non-toxic but it's best to skin the fish after printing.

Most fish under 30 inches - $200 or less, add a frame from $100.

The last thing to do is call Brett at (757) 373-8066 10am - 9pm.

Trophy Gyotaku

What does the Japanese text in the logo translate to?

I wanted to use a traditional stamp as a signature for my fish rubbings but since my name doesn't translate to Japanese I had to come up with something else. A friend suggested I try to think of a message or clever saying. After months of research and thought I decided on something simple. The text reads from bottom up - 'eat fish'.

Original art gyotaku fish prints - 12lb Speckled Trout

33" 12lb 12oz Speckled Trout, Suffolk VA 2009

Gyotaku Art and Fish Photos by Species